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Delete Pin rather than (or in addition to), delete folder.#87

Very happy to here about braincert 2.0. A delete folder may be OK for some but may not go far enough as a control. For example, if an admin deletes a course and that deleted course lands in the “delete folder” what would prevent the same admin from deleting the course from the delete folder? A better idea may be to have a “delete pin” for courses and tests so that they cannot be deleted from the live environment without the delete pin. With a delete pin, I could finally hire an admin to help me with course “housekeeping” without fear of them accidentally or otherwise deleting a course with 3,000 students in it!

9 months ago

Thank Darius. We appreciate your suggestion for a new feature. To address your concerns, we do already have a system in place where any course that has been accidentally deleted can be recovered. Simply open a support ticket within a week of deletion, and we can assist in restoring your course. Would this solution meet your needs?

Furthermore, you have the ability to utilize our “Roles” feature. By modifying the permissions, you can remove delete access from specific roles and assign those roles to the group. This prevents unintentional deletions and further safeguards your content.

9 months ago